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Virus Zika: Fast fact on Zika
Tuesday, 13 September 2016 | 22:05:00 | 0 comments

Here are some key points about Zika. More detail and supporting information is in the main article.
  • Zika virus cases typically occur in tropical climates
  • Infection in the US is linked to travel to and from tropical regions
  • Symptoms of Zika virus infection can last for up to a week
  • The majority of people infected with Zika virus do not display any symptoms
  • Cases of Zika virus infection that result in hospitalization are uncommon
  • A link between maternal Zika infection and infant microcephaly is currently being investigated
  • As yet, there is not enough evidence to fully characterize the link between the two conditions
  • Zika infection can spread from a mother to a fetus during pregnancy
  • At present, there is no treatment for the virus
  • Avoiding mosquito bites is a key aspect of Zika virus prevention

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